Permitting & Compliance Services

Permitting & Compliance Services

Today’s business environment is ever more restrictive with overlapping regulations among federal, state and local government. It’s even further complicated by a maze of environmental laws and life safety rules. We have the experience and knowledge to anticipate obstacles that impact your projects permitting process and carefully navigate your project through a scheduled path. Our permit managers are involved in your project from the due diligence phase through certification. This in-depth familiarity with your project allows for an organized and thorough permit application. Our permit managers aggressively lead the entire permitting process including coordinating land use attorneys, traffic and real estate experts for zoning variance code relief.

Our Permitting and Compliance Department focuses completely on daily agency interaction. Each member has relationships with building, planning, zoning, health, fire, transportation and environmental departments across the metropolitan area. Our permit manager assigned to your project has the expertise to manage national re-imaging programs, interior renovations, building additions and complete demo/rebuilds.



  • Code & Zoning Analysis
  • Building Department Work Permits
  • Interior Renovation Permits
  • Demolition Permits
  • Sign Permits
  • Planning Department Approvals
  • Zoning Board of Appeals Variances
  • Hearing Presentation
  • Fire & Health Department Filings & Approvals
  • Highway & Transportation (DOT) Filings & Approvals
  • Sidewalk Closing & Repair Permits
  • Department of Public Works (DPW) Filings & Approvals
  • Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Filings & Approvals
  • Sewer Connection Filings & Approvals
  • Grease Trap & RPZ Filings & Approvals
  • Industrial Waste Filing & Approvals
  • Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Filings & Approvals
  • Construction Inspection & Permit Sign-Off Coordination


  • Violation Research & Dismissal
  • Permit Renewals & Close Out
  • Record Keeping & Registration Certificates
  • Fire & Health Department Compliance
  • Environmental Control Board (ECB)
    Hearing & Violation Dismissal
  • Department of Environmental
    Conservation (DEC) Filings & Permits
  • Certificate of Compliance &
  • Equipment Use Cards & Permits
  • Street Tree Coordination & Sign-Off
  • Public Assembly (PA) Permits